I grew up in the small West Oxfordshire town of Bampton and have always lived and worked in the county.

I  studied part-time over six years for a BA in Fine Art at the De Montfort University’s Banbury campus, where I became intrigued by the different printmaking processes.

My subject matter is taken mainly from my garden. I use a small digital camera to investigate the visual aspect of my garden and plants  freely,  the more interesting images happening almost by chance. The growth, change and decay, the fragility, but also the strength so visible in a garden is a constant reminder of life within a family.

The photo used for Poppies II reminds me of my three sons, all now growing away from the family home, reaching out towards a life of their own. The Poppies II screen prints are the result of combining mono printing with photography, using several screens to experiment with layering different colours and shapes, resulting in a variety of prints, each one unique.

I enjoy the unpredictable outcome of printmaking. The unexpectedly successful combinations of colour or layers, the mistakes that can be incorporated to beneficial effect; there is always an incentive to continue to explore this way of image making.